Fantastic Fur


Now that you know how we got the tree home and what an adventure that was I thought it was only fair to share with you the final product.  It has new ornaments, old ornaments, and special ornaments that I hope I have forever and my kids have forever….isn’t that the best part of a Christmas tree…..history behind it’s ornaments.  Perfectly decorated Christmas trees depress me.  I went to an antique store last week and bought one box of old hand painted ornaments for a really low price and they turned out darling….or I think they did anyway.  



4 Replies to “Fantastic Fur”

  1. I love your tree! I am not 100% crazy about ours. I really wanted to buy a tree at Coit’s because why buy from a chain store when you can buy local?!?!? I was so depressed to learn that they no longer sell Cmas trees. We went to Hope Depot deflated. Why didn’t I think of Horn’s?? That’s the perfect place! Home Depot’s selection wasn’t all that great:(

  2. Oh Em! I’m so sorry for your Cmas tree deflation.
    The beauty of Cmas is that it comes every year! So next year I will remind you of Horns. Maybe we can borrow Matt’s truck too 🙂

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