Manic Monday


In life you just never know what tomorrow will bring….unless tomorrow is Monday and then it’s a given.  TOTAL CHAOS! 

I was off last week so I literally walked into a paper storm on my desk, I’m starving because my stomach has now grown about 3 inches from all the food I ate over the weekend, and my dogs had a breakdown because we had to actually go to work today and not stay at home with them!  I also did the awkward elevator thing again where I scream out something really cliche while the door is shutting and I came to work with two different black heels on.  Seriously! 

Oh did I mention I’m starving!


One Reply to “Manic Monday”

  1. Great Blog Haley!

    I just happened to Google manic monday (because it is one!)

    ….and your blog was the 171st result.

    Hope your paper storm went away and your dogs took their chill pills.


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