Dips, Dunks, and Nibblers


When my Grandmother passed away a couple years ago I took her “Good Housekeeping Cookbook” from 1963.  “Dips, Dunks, and Nibblers” is one of the chapters in the cookbook that reminds me how far food really has come but how the same traditional things NEVER get old.

This Thanksgiving was exceptionally great!  My Aunt JB called me Pilgrim all day.  My sister Shannon taught me how to use my Nanny’s sewing machine.  In the middle of my Mom saying the prayer she broke down in tears and was so happy we were all there….it was SO sweet! 

There are for sure moments in my holiday cheer that I stop and deeply miss those I’ve lost….but it’s always a wonderful feeling to know that new memories are being made and with my family it’s always a worth remembering! 

My family and friends are what I am most thankful for today! 

What are you thankful for?


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