Chili and Beer


Not only do I just love the word “combination” in general I perhaps love this combination of Chili and Beer the most….or way up there with nuggets and sweet and sour sauce.

This is me last night at the chili cook off.  The theme was “American Hero”….we did 1940’s WWII.  I was Rosie.  Of course!!!

We took home 3, yes 3 trophies.  Why is it that trophies, no matter how old you are, never ever get old. 

I’m going to start giving nice engraved trophies away as presents. 

It’s a good feeling people… be full of chili and beer and at the same time so accomplished!

GO US!!!!

I would also like to say thanks to my best friend and wonderful boyfriend Ben for all of his hard work on the booth/tent and for being such a fun person to be around!


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