stay dry….


today i was reminded of those awkward elevator moments that ends in one or more people saying “have a great day and stay dry.” as they exit the elevator.  you have no idea who these people are….you don’t care if they stay dry…and you clearly know that they won’t. 

i know that old people hate the fact that us youngens are always on our blackberry or iphone….but the truth is that it’s a lot better than having this weird awkward conversation with a person that is standing in your personal space about how “today is a great day for starbucks and gosh i guess winter is here…..time to pull out my great sweaters!” then before you can get out your story about how you can’t wait to wear your new coat….boom….floor 4 is here and you look like an idiot screaming the rest while the door shuts on your face.  probably a good thing you didn’t finish anyway since you have NO clue who the person is anyway….but “stay dry”….really?  that’s all you could come up with for a closing?  maybe i’ll start taking the stairs more often.


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