…and for the talent portion

If you were FORCED to be in a talent show what would you do?

 I personally have always wanted to sing “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor.

“I’ve seen fire I’ve seen rain…I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end…”

Or maybe I would shoot hoops…I love shooting hoops.

Is drinking wine on a porch in the middle of winter a talent?  Say yes…say yes!  funday-sunday1

I’ll tell you something I am really good at is VOTING! 

Went in,

waited just a bit,

took my ballot from the sweet ladies at my “VOTE HERE”destination,

knew exactly what I would mark for each….no waiver in my thoughts at all,

proudly put my ballot in the scanner,

took my “I VOTED” sticker,

and off I went!

Proud and Patriotic! 

I hope you all practiced your right to vote with real pride today too! 


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