An As Seen On TV Christmas

So last night I got a brilliant idea!  What if….instead of setting a dollar amount for a Christmas Gift exchange you had an As Seen On TV Christmas Gift Exchange! 

Everyone brings a gift that is a product of a infomercial!  I love sitting around watching infomercials!  I normally don’t buy the stuff but Ben’s parents do and then they just give us the stuff when they are done!  We even have a snackster!


 I personally can’t wait to try this new amazing item….the Big City Slider Station!  I LOVE sliders….are you kidding me…it’s a culinary delight! 




You can research what you are getting me for Christmas here

Hope you are having a great week!  Bye for now!

Oh and P.S. we are having a pumpkin carving party tonight….I’ll make sure to put my pics on tomorrow so you can see how amazing my pumpkin is!  Ta Ta!


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