Stalk? Nah, those days are history…well okay who? And what did they do?

My Mom has always said “There is always going to be someone skinnier than you and always someone fatter…prettier, uglier, nicer, more graceful, less polite…so just be you and be happy.”  It’s great advice and all right but after reading the article in this post I’ve discovered there is also someone crazier!  Whew…what a weight off my shoulders!

Now if you know me well enough you know that I am in a sense a bit of a Nancy Drew.  I have a sixth sense if you will when it comes to finding out information and not just from the google but from hard core detective work.  So basically if you’ve ever been an ex, broken one of my friends hearts, broken my sisters heart, or just plain needed some attention you know that I may have been called a “stalker” (in of course a laughing manner) at one point in time or another! 

I would even go as far as to say I might consider myself a “stalker” (in of course a laughing manner) at one point in my life!  I’ve never hurt anyone, done anything to put myself or others in danger, or made someone’s life hell.  Okay there was that one time when…..don’t worry friends I wouldn’t ever out you as my partner in “crime”. 

Anywho….I recently stumbbled upon an article at that is some what of relief in my moments of regret from my old days of stalk.

Please do take a few minutes to read this and remeber that in the event you do something dumb, crazy, out right psycho….there is ALWAYS someone doing something far worse then you….and ME!  THANK GOODNESS!


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