So I have a confession….I’m addicted to  That’s right….google.  It has totally consumed me and without it I don’t know what I would do! 

Hi my name is Haley.  I’m a googleholic.

(Hi Haley.) 

(I know you all just said that in your head)

For real though….I have a problem.  It has turned from me simply looking for a restaurants phone number to me looking for advice on life.  I didn’t really realize it was such a problem until I opened up my laptop to google something starting with an R and well all the “R’s” I’ve ever googled were right there in front of me!  I mean as I was reading through all of the ridiculous things I’ve googled…..I not only thought what the hell is wrong with me but I also thought why do I care!  Who cares about “Regis and Kathy Lee” or “Requests sent via email and the proper way to ask”….shouldn’t I know that and why would google help me find it out!  It’s becoming so bad that instead of just doing what I did before google came to be I just go straight there anytime I question ANYTHING.  I google people to see what I can find out about them…like I’m going to be the one who discovers some deep dark secret (but also located on the internet) about someone!  In fact the sickest part of my addiction is this….when I come across something and do not have the answer for it and I’m not by a computer I make a mental (sometimes written) note to google it so that I know more about it! 

I would appreciate any input or help on this topic.  Maybe you have the same problem and I’m not alone or maybe I’m totally alone and I’m a complete freak.  Perhaps I should try to resort back to my old ways before search engines…phone books, peers, mentors, family, friends, etc.  I just hope I don’t look back at my twenties and think….”Gosh what a fun time and man I sure did learn a lot”….and then quickly following my thought will be “All thanks to google!”


One Reply to “ADDICTION”

  1. So…I googled your google addiction (as I’m sure you did) and learned that you are not alone. You still are a bit of a freak though. But not a lonely one.

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