Blogging Now…..

I love love love to read blogs and keep up with friends and family…and in the case of the blogs of people I don’t know but read anyway….I feel like I know them…so that’s good enough, right?

So I thought…hmmm…I bet people would love to read about my life as well….right?!? For those of you rolling your eyes and laughing (Brooke and Alex) STOP!    

So lets get caught up on my life and where I am now!  I live with my boyfriend Benjamin in Oklahoma City.  We have two dogs, Reggie and Deuce.  They are bassett hounds and they are the cutest things ever!  TEST RUN for children….I would say I have at least made a 86% on that test.  I should appologize now to my unborn children for making a B on that test…I’ve got some stuff to work on 🙂 Good thing I have some time!  Ben and I have been together for a year (yesterday) and have lived together for about 4.5 months.  So it’s still new but it feels like we’ve known eachother for ever.  We laugh all the time and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time right now!  

So some of the real reasons I wanted to start blogging:

I think it will be fun to put pictures of blank walls in my house on the blog and have people give me ideas.  Or ideas about gifts for people.  Or advice on love and family and life.  I don’t know….I think (and know for some people) lots of people want to give and take when it comes to ideas and advice even if you don’t know the person, known them your whole life, or just met.  I know it’s fun for me…so sure I’ll give this a shot! 
Hope to post some again really soon but for now take a look at my first pics.  Nice to meet you and see you again soon!

Reggie and Deuce (the twins as Age says)
Reggie and Deuce (the twins as Age says)
Deuce and Ben....wet nose!
Deuce and Ben....wet nose!

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